Tabernacle Baptist Church originated in 1957 under the leadership of Reverend A.K. Childs and it had 13 members. Reverend Childs resigned as the pastor around 1962 and Reverend Willie Lee Plummer was elected the new pastor. During Reverend Plummer’s 34 years as pastor, the church membership increased; therefore the need for a bigger church arose. The new church was completed in 1995.

Reverend Plummer resigned in 1996 and God sent Reverend Ricky E. Lattimore, Sr. to be the new pastor. Under his leadership, the church services established a Youth Sunday which included the Sunshine Choir and the Praise Dance Team. Several other ministries were also birthed including: the Single Ministry, G.I.T. (Getting It Together); M.E.M. (Marriage Enrichment Ministry); ADAM (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Ministry) and the food pantry ministry called “We All Gon’ Eat”. God blessed Tabernacle and the mortgage was paid off. A mortgage burning was held on November 2001.

In 2004 Tabernacle “enlarged its territory” again. A new sanctuary, a larger Pastor’s study/suite, Sis. Lattimore’s office, an educational building which included six classrooms and a conference/financial room, a family life center which included a fellowship hall, larger kitchen, weight/ exercise room, Children of Christ room, a gymnasium and a playground.

In 2010 and 2011, the church embarked on several programs that fostered the motto, The Church That Abides in Love. The At-Risk Food Program was started in 2010 which provided snacks and dinner for school-age children during the regular school year. Also, a summer food program which provided snacks and dinner during the summer months was created. The church recently entered into a partnership with the C.B. King Memorial School to provide a childcare program called “JAM” (Jesus and Me) and a center for Youth & Families Services that provides an abstinence program.


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